Email Campaigns

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You can chose to create simple or complex email campaigns depending on your requirements. If you are just starting out in email marketing we recommend you create a few basic emails and work your way up by introducing more automated features and transactions as you go.

From the Campaigns menu you can create, design and edit emails & SMS campaigns, load EDM design templates, carry out A/B testing and activate campaign analytics tracking. You can view your campaign Drafts, Scheduled, Sent & AB Test Scheduled in the left side menu.

Create Email Campaign Field Definitions:

Name: Enter the email campaign name. We recommend using a naming convention for your campaign, for easy reference when searching.

Description: Enter a brief description of your email campaign (optional field).

From Name: This is the name that will display in the recipients inboxes. To personalise the From Name go to the Personalise drop down list and select the relevant field you wish to use.

From Address: This is the email address the email will appear to the recipient. To personalise this field go to the Personalise drop down list and select the relevant field you wish to use.

 We recommend using a sub domain to avoid "spoofing".

To Address: This is an identifier field which the email campaign will be sent to. For most clients this will be Email Address. If there is more than one email address on your attached list then options will be shown in the drop down for you to select.

NewCc and Bcc: These provide an option to send the mail to the recipients who are marked to get the carbon copy and blind carbon copy

Reply To: this is the email address any replies or "out of offices" will go to.

 We recommend that this is a real email address that is checked and not a do-not-reply email address. Managing and maintaining your contact database is extremely important to ensure you sustain good deliverability – continually sending to "dead" email addresses will damage your sender's reputation and implications can include your domain being blocked – which would mean NONE of your customers would receive your emails.

Subject Line: This is where the subject for the mail is set. You can personalise this field with any field option within the database. To do this go to the Personalise drop down list and select the relevant field you wish to use.

A/B Testing: select this if you want to test alternative subject lines or from address. This is recommended to work out what generates the best email deliverability and open rate results.

Tags: This is a simple text field where you can set the tag for this email campaign. You will then be able to search and group your campaigns based on their tags. A list of all Tags can be found by selecting Tags in the dropdown menu under your account name.

NewCreated by: Now a searchable field in Email Campaign Draft.
This new search option is based on the email campaign creator's name. By using the field "Created by", we can filter the campaigns based on the creator.

NewHow to do a search based on the email campaign creator's name:

  1. Click the Campaigns tab
  2. Enter the campaign creator's name and click search
  3. This will display a list of campaigns related to the given campaign creator's name