Drag and Drop Email Builder

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The drag and drop email builder allows you to easily design emails by dragging and dropping content blocks.

Drag & Drop menu definitions:

Templates: This is where you will see standard templates that come with TractionNext. Click Custom and this is where your custom built or branded templates will be found (custom templates can be uploaded and found at: Campaigns/Templates).

Blocks: This is where you will find pre-made blocks that come standard with TractionNext, with a combination of text and images in a variety of formats.

Settings: This is where you can change the email background colour and window background colour

How to use Content & Design:
  1. Go to Campaigns tab in the top menu
  2. Click button
  3. Complete the Details tab (this must be done before you can proceed)
  4. Click Content and Design tab
  5. Click the drag and drop email builder
  6. You have the option to select a template or build your template using custom blocks.
  7. Alternatively we can build custom blocks for you, which can then be dragged and dropped to build email templates.
  8. To move the blocks around, duplicate, delete or copy them, simply click on the box and edit using the blue pop-up side menu on the right. You also use this side menu to insert your dynamic content.
  9. To insert dynamic content, select the dynamic content picker button with the right hand arrow on it . Enter your dynamic criteria by selecting from the drop down menus and adding conditions where needed. Criteria can be based on any field within the database.
  10. Then go ahead and add your images, change your copy, insert your links – all using the icons at the menu at the top of the relevant box. This menu will appear when you click on the box.
  11. 11. Once you've set up your campaign select Save and Close and you're ready to move to the next tab.

 All the icons have tool tips, so if you're not sure what something is, just hover over it for a few seconds.