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You can access statistical reports on each campaign any time after sending. You can also access interactions with visual heat maps of the most commonly clicked areas of the EDM by selecting the Hotspot button. Hotspots are automatically activated for all campaigns. For information on FULL account reporting go to the Reports section.

How to access campaign reports:

  1. Go to Campaigns in the top menu
  2. Select Sent from the left menu
  3. Select the blue View button to the right of the campaign you wish to report on
  4. You will then see graphs of all statistics.
  5. To export the data to CSV just click 'Download report' in top right of window

NewExport functionalities related to Top Link: This feature brings in the capability to export the data regarding the links used in the Campaign from the Sent Report. Moreover, this report will display the information regarding Click Count, Tracking Name and Link URL

How to export related to Top Link

  1. Click the Campaigns tab
  2. Click Sent from left pane
  3. The Top Link details will be displayed
  4. Upon clicking the view details link on the right corner, the related details will be displayed
  5. Enter the related blocked mobile number and click search button
  6. This will display the complete details related to the top email link
  7. The displayed details can be further exported by clicking on the export icon

 To see a Hotspot map of the most clicked areas of your EDM campaign, select the Hotspot button next to the campaign in the Sent menu.