SMS - Contents

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It is important to keep SMS messages short and concise, including only the important detail as there is a limited number of characters that can be used.

 There is a limit of 160 characters including punctuation and spaces.

How to create Content for SMS campaigns:

  1. Select Campaigns in the top menu bar
  2. SMS in the left menu pane
  3. Select Drafts
  4. You will need to complete the Details tab before you can create Content
  5. Click Content tab
  6. Enter the SMS message details in the SMS Content text box
  7. The character count will be tracked as you type and also show the characters remaining.
  8. You can personalise the message using the drop down menu to the right (This will also count towards characters used).
  9. To send a test SMS type a mobile number in the 'Test SMS to:' field and click the blue Send Tests button.