Zip/HTML Upload

CREATED: MAY 11, 2016  |  LAST UPDATED: MAY 11, 2016  |   BOOKMARK  |   COPY URL

The ZIP/HTML Upload option is for when you've received an eDM ready HTML file or package from your agency or a graphic designer. This can simply be uploaded and your campaign will appear with all images in line and everything in its place ready to go.

How to upload Zip/HTML file:

  1. Go to Campaigns tab in the top menu
  2. Click green Create button
  3. Complete the Details tab (this must be done before you can proceed)
  4. Click Content and Design tab
  5. Select the ZIP/HTML Upload button
  6. New

  7. Browse for your file and upload it

 For fine editing changes, it's recommended to use the WYSIWYG Editor now