Contact Lists

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Contact Lists are separate from the contact database, they are a chosen group of contacts that won’t change unless you manually make a change.

You would use Lists as a way to define a group of recipients, e.g. "TractionNext Subscribers" or "TractionNext University". You can then select one or multiple List’s that you want to receive your campaign.

There are a few key fields to enter when setting up a new Contact List, see the definitions below for clarity on some of the naming terms.

Contact List Definitions:

Name: This will be the name of the List. Try to use properties that are specific, logical and easy to remember to make things easy when carrying out a search. I may even be helpful to include a date reference.

Description (optional): Complete this field if you require additional info such as explaining the purpose of the list, or important notes to other users.

Tags: This is a simple text field where you can set the tag for this List. You will then be able to search and group your Lists based on their Tags. A list of all Tags can be found by selecting Tags in the dropdown menu under your account name.

Steps to create a new contact list:

  1. Navigate to contacts section in the top menu.
  2. Click on Contact lists in the left navigation menu.
  3. Click Create button.
  4. Provide List Name, Description and Tag (Description and Tag are optional).
  5. Save the list.
  6. Navigate back to the list page to confirm that the list is created.

 You can of course also add contacts to existing Lists. To do this for individual contacts, simply search for the contact in the Contacts section, then you can View that contact record and add the list name under the Lists tab on the contact record.

To add a bulk group of people who are already within the database to an existing list, go to the Contacts section and run an Advanced Search, defining your criteria of the contacts you'd like to add, search for them and then select Add all results to a contact list.