Custom Interaction

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Custom interactions are used as a reporting function to gather unique data points relating to individual contacts. Insight into customer behaviours can then be used to tailor campaigns and develop improved customer experience.

A custom interaction is an event at a point in time, automatically recorded by the TractionNext system. This event can then be queried with Measures such as; Opened, last opened date, last clicked, received SMS etc. for that contact.

Custom Interaction data definitions:

Timestamp: The time the event occurred in Traction Next

Name: Name of the event created by user (e.g. "PURCHASE", "preference selected", etc.)

Text Data: Some context data about the event (e.g. name of product, name of concert ticket sold etc.)

Numeric data: Context data in numeric form (e.g. total value of an order, number of tickets sold etc.)

How to search Custom Interactions:

  1. Go to Contacts in top menu
  2. Click Custom Interactions
  3. Enter standard search criteria in the search field; Name, Text, Numeric, Time
  4. Or select advanced search to set your own search criteria and add conditions.

How to Import Custom Interactions:

  1. Go to Contacts in top menu
  2. Click Custom Interactions
  3. Click Import

 The contact field identifier must be set to import Custom Interactions. Click the blue link in the error message to correct.

  1. Upload the CSV file you are wanting to import.
  2. Select the Identifier, Delimiter and Date format for the file
  3. Map the data fields in import settings. You must include all interactions and only once; Name, date, numeric data, text data.
  4. Click the blue Start Import button.
  5. Your file will then appear in the Import history
  6. Click on the blue Detail button next to the file you would like to view
  7. Click the Orange 'Download File' button to export data to CSV