Export Contacts

CREATED: MAY 11, 2016  |  LAST UPDATED: MAY 11, 2016  |   BOOKMARK  |   COPY URL

Contacts can be exported as a CSV file based on the given filter conditions for Field, Measure, List, Segment or Custom Interaction.

Once exported you can then easily filter and manipulate data and use it any way you please.

How to export Contacts:

  1. Select Contacts from the top menu bar
  2. Select Export Contacts in the left menu pane
  3. Filter the contacts based on a condition. You can combine lists by Adding a condition or Add condition group
  4. Click search
  5. A Contact List will be displayed with an option to export the results
  6. Click the blue export button to download
  7. The export pop up box will ask you to confirm the required fields and the delimiter.

Select Required Field option: All (All Contact fields are exported),"Important (Only the fields which are marked as important will be exported), or Custom (Allows you to choose your required fields).

The Delimiter configuration allows user to specify the format of the data e.g.; comma, tab or custom (the custom allows you to set your own delimiter).