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The scheduler lets you schedule regular contact data on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. You can import contacts to the main database or you can import to an existing or new Contact List. If required, you can also schedule reports for syncing over secure FTP. You can also come here to check the status of an import, to view the schedule, check for errors and make sure updates are being carried out and edit/ delete if required.

Import settings definitions:

Import without a Contact List: This is importing as a record to the system database (not associated to list.)

Import to an existing Contact List: Select from the Contact Lists in the drop down menu

Import to a new Contact List: Create a name for the new list and all Contacts will import under this new name.

Identifier Field: Select from the drop down menu the field you would like to use as the main identifier between the two data lists.

Delimiter: How you would like the data formatted.

Date Format: Specify the preferred date order.

Insert new contacts: This is a setting to let the system know if this is new contact to either insert it in the list or ignore

Update existing contacts: Tick this box if you want the system to automatically update the existing contacts with any new data from the new source.

Reject duplicates: Tick this box if you don’t want to import any duplicated contacts that may appear in the source file.

Skip empty field in file: Tick this box if you don’t want to import any empty fields from the source file.

Update Subscribe Status: Select if you would like to automatically subscribe or unsubscribe all contacts you are importing. No change will keep the default settings.

How to Import Contacts:

  1. Go to Contacts in top menu
  2. Click Scheduler in left menu
  3. Click Import Contacts
  4. Complete the settings on the Details tab
  5. FTP Details tab: If you want to import the contacts to a secure FTP file then you will need to complete the details on this tab. If you are just scheduling a standard import then leave blank and continue to the next tab.
  6. Import Settings: Select from the three radio button options of either;
    1. Import without a Contact List
    2. Import to an existing Contact List or
    3. Import to a new Contact List.