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It is important to understand customer interactions and journey to provide the best customer experience. This information is also extremely valuable to the sales team to enable more meaningful, relevant discussions with prospects and customers. By researching the customer activity summary you are able to better determine individual level of interest and interaction before calling.

You can also view TractionNext administrator contacts and monitor outgoing activity from your marketing team.

Contact Details activity definitions:

Fields: This tab provides all the fields belonging to your contact. To edit the data, just click the Edit button and click Save after changing the values.

Lists: This tab provides all the Lists your contact belongs to along with the history. To add your contact to a new list, click on the text box and select from the drop down list that will appear containing all the available lists in your account. To remove your contact from a list, click on the X in the selected list you wish to remove your contact from. Click Save.

Activity: This tab provides information on your contact's engagement with any activity sent from the platform such as whether your contact has been sent an email, opened an email or clicked a link etc.

Campaigns: This tab provides the list of campaigns that the contact has been sent and interactions in relation to the campaign, such as opens or clicks.

Forms: This tab provides the list of forms to which the contact has received and interactions with the form.

Statistics: This gives the average open and clicks relating to contacts overall activity.

View Activity for Contact:

  1. Select Contacts from the top menu bar
  2. Enter the contact’s name, email, or identifier in the search bar and click Search. If you need to search based on any other contact field, click on Advanced Search.
  3. When you have found the contact you wish to view, click the View button in the contact data row.
  4. A detailed summary page of the activity for that contact will be displayed via six different tabs as out lined below;