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TractionNext's flexible Form building options make it possible for everyone in your team to use – whether they want to use the simple drag & drop with customisable building blocks & templates or they have developer skills and prefer to carry out more complex custom designs with code.

TractionNext offers 3 alternative editor options:

  • DragNDrop Email Builder
  • WYSIWYG Visual Editor
  • HTML Code Editor
  • Plain Text content, Zip/HTML Uploader

The main differences between editors is the more complex editing functions, such as using the HTML Code Editor, allows you to do a lot more with more creative and custom design, whereas with the more simplistic versions such as the Drag & Drop Editor you are a more restricted and need to keep with the template designs – but it's easy to use!

Form editor definitions:

DragNDrop Form Builder: allows you to create forms by dragging and dropping content blocks. (Recommended for non-technical ability)

WYSIWYG Visual Editor: allows you to see how the form content will look like as you create or edit your content. (Recommended for minimal technical ability)

HTML Code Editor: This allow you to create custom form designs using HTML code to build and develop (Recommended for technical ability – Must know how to write HTML code)

Plain Text content, Zip/HTML Uploader: This is where you upload custom design templates