Embed a form on website or external digital environment

CREATED: MAY 12, 2016  |  LAST UPDATED: MAY 12, 2016  |   BOOKMARK  |   COPY URL

You can build forms to be used in any digital environment such as embedding on your website or landing page, this enables you to efficiently and accurately capture data which is automatically updated in TractionNext without expensive integration costs.

How to embed a form on an external digital platform:

  1. Create your form in TractionNext
  2. Copy the 'Embed' code from the bottom of the Form HTML tab
  3. Paste the code into the HTML code section of the digital environment (E.g. website) where you want the form to appear

 If required you can adjust the width and height of the form to fit the location by editing the iFrame code. Including the attributes frame border="0" and scrolling="no" to iFrame means iframe loads without border and scrollbar.

 The HTML source can be downloaded on the Form HTML tab, by clicking the blue Download button. This is useful if you wish to edit the code