Getting Started with TractionNext

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TractionNext is next generation marketing technology that doesn't get in the way of business. TractionNext automates campaign workflows, triggers conversations and accelerates conversions, with visibility to email, SMS, promotions, surveys, web, and online all on the one unified platform.

Provide a more relevant and engaging brand experience to customers, with real time insights and reporting across multiple digital channels all in the one place so you can easily leverage data intelligence to drive performance.

TractionNext is a web-based application which you can access by logging in via the website. The HELP guideline is a great information source for quick reference and to help you to discover the best ways to deliver your marketing campaigns in TractionNext. We recommend you familiarise yourself with the common marketing definitions used in TractionNext and refer back to this using the convenient search function when needed.

Remember: Only send communications to contacts who have previously subscribed or opted-in to receive emails and SMS from you, in order to comply with local laws.

Quality Data Drives Great Email Campaigns

The quality and accuracy of your data is key to ensuring not only deliverability of your campaigns, but also retaining your customer database by being able to provide relevant content to avoid unsubscribes and spam folders.

Before starting your campaign think carefully about what demographic and psychographic data you need up front to be able to adequately segment and target customers. If you do not have all the data you need, look at creative ways to collect data with TractionNext preference centre sign ups, downloads, surveys, event registrations, integration with social media platforms, competitions and promotions.

Create Email And SMS Campaigns

The TractionNext platform allows you to create email and SMS campaigns. You can chose to create simple or complex campaigns depending on your requirements. If you are just starting out in marketing automation we recommend you create a few basic campaigns and work your way up by introducing more automated features and transactions as you go.

There are 3 design options within TractionNext to suit various skill levels:

  1. DragNDrop Email Builder : allows you to create emails by dragging and dropping content blocks. (Recommended for non-technical ability)
  2. WYSIWYG Visual Editor : allows you to see how the email content will look like as you create or edit your content. (Recommended for minimal technical ability)
  3. HTML Code Editor : This allows you to create custom email designs using HTML code to build and develop.
    (Recommended for technical ability – Must know how to write HTML code)

There are some basic email and SMS templates that come with TractionNext and you can also create your own or use a 3rd party graphic designer and upload using the Zip/HTML uploader.

  1. Pain Text content, Zip/HTML Uploader : This is where you upload custom design templates. The HELP guideline will give you step by step instructions on how to create an email campaign

Creating Forms For Use In Campaigns Or Any Digital Environment

Forms such as a sign up form, a preference centre, a customer survey or even an event registration form can be built quickly and easily in TractionNext. The form can be fully integrated into the email as you build it, alternatively you can build forms to be used in any digital environment such as embedding on your website. This enables you to efficiently and accurately capture data which is automatically updated in TractionNext without expensive integration costs.

TractionNext allows you the same level of flexibility for design of forms as it does for emails with DragNDrop Email Builder, WYSIWYG Visual Editor and HTML Code Editor.

Reporting And Insights

We understand the importance of reliable data and the convenience of having easy to access graphs and charts for campaign results a simple click away. The Dashboard shows a complete summary report of an Account with information on Contacts, Campaigns and latest activity details. Drill deeper into your data with a standard reports that come with TractionNext or create custom reports for more specific requirements.

There is an option to activate analytics tracking when creating campaigns to then be able to track through Google analytics, Litmus or the TractionNext ROI tracking to monitor conversions on your website.

1 to 1 Customer Insights

Add value to your sales teams and the customer journey by better qualifying your leads upfront. Track the personal sales journey via the customer insights page to understand your prospects interest level and specific requirements upfront. Monitor link tracking to determine interests.

Probably one of the most valuable analytic tools for customers is the ROI tracking report. By activating this function you can track the ROI of your marketing campaigns from the first interaction within your email or SMS campaign, through to website conversion which is then compiled in the ROI tracking report within TractionNext. Find out how to set up campaign analytics here.